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Updated to 2.0 version!

New features:

  • Create a favorite list games!
  • New cool animations!
  • You can configure systems from launcher.
  • Change the background's color.
  • Select a random game.
  • The launcher now load more faster!
  • A volume control for sound effects and music in the interface
  • The media (covers and backgrounds) now will be in separate folder
  • The configuration data now is located in the same folder of launcher executable (that's mean FES Launcher now is portable!)

Please read the documentation included on .zip file.

* * *

A simple but elegant launcher for emulators (and pc games)

FES Launcher allows you to configure the executables of your favorite emulators that you have downloaded and associate them to a folder of roms, so you can view the games with their respective covers and play comfortably seated as FES Launcher allows you to close the emulator using a Gamepad.

* * *

Compatibility with many emulators and Retroarch

In theory, any emulator that can be executed under command line is compatible with FES Launcher. In Windows environment it has been tested with the most popular emulators of platforms such as NES (fceux, nestopia), SNES (snes9x), Nintendo64 (project64), Gamecube/Wii (dolphin), Playstation (epsxe), Playstation Portable (ppsspp), Gameboy (and Advance) (mGBA), Nintendo DS (desmume), Sega megadrive (bizhawk) and Nintendo 3DS (citra) working without any problem. Most of them even running in full screen from the launcher itself for a greater immersion.

* * *

Compatibility with 32 and 64 bits systems. And Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

It should work even in toasters I think.

* * *

Minimalist, but elegant interface.

Feels like you're using a modern console ;)

* * *


By default FES Launcher consumes approximately 250mb of RAM and 10% of CPU, but when running an emulator from the launcher it will go to a low power mode (30 mb of RAM and less than 3% of CPU use) prioritizing a higher performance of the emulator executed.

* * *

Easy Configuration

FES Launcher offers a simple but effective way to configure emulators and roms directories (read the attached user manual).

* * *

Technical support

Through the itchio project page you will be able to count on technical support from the developer himself to guide you in the use of this Launcher with the above mentioned emulators. Support valid to 6 months after purchase.

* * *

Note for Linux Users

Had to install the following dependencies on Linux, if you’re having any “File or Directory not found” errors

libxcursor1:i386 libxinerama1:i386 librandr2:i386 libxi6:i386 libgconf-2-4:i386 libasound2:i386 libpulse:i386

* * *

Open source project made in "Godot Engine"

FES Launcher has been developed using a video game engine called "Godot Engine". If you know how to program for this engine, you are invited to contribute or improve the source code available on github.

* * *

Others Links


Github repo


Dev's Discord


Free Games made by Danny Garay



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