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what software did you use? I want to make a similar game!

La verdad es que amo mucho este juego espero que saquen más cosas,la verdad le veo un buen futuro a este juego

Hey, I'm working on a beat mapper app for music-based games. It's called MBOY Editor ( Do you want to try it for your game? Vic

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nice! Thanks. Is a very cool tool, I will save it for a future game!

I actually love this game but on any device I downloaded it it always says no event so I can't play the other songs that require me to play the story mode so if someone could help me :)

sorry about that, but it shouldn't happen. try downloading it from google playstore 

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It looks cool! What kind of engine is this?

thank you! I'm using "Godot Engine" to make my games :3

oh I see! 


Is it easy to play on the computer because it looks so cool and a little difficult is it


Hello again, this second game of yours looks great, but is it on 32bit?

I really like this game uwu


thank you uwu

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Bang dream but on computer


yes n.n


Is there a full playlist I can get somewhere? I love the songs and want to listen to them.

In the "about" section of game you can see the links to artist's website with their discography :3




Having fun playing.
I do think that the easy difficulty is still fairly difficult, even as someone who plays medium to hard. Maybe a little too difficult for some players, I worry.
I'm going to keep playing and racking up points to play through the story.

I see he he thank you for your comment