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Toziuha: [to 'sju xa / toshiuja] (The meaning of this word is secret ;)

Toziuha Night is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer with classicvania style. Travel through different linear maps set in a dark fantasy world; such as a gloomy forest and  Count Dracula's castle.

Play as Xandria, a beautiful and skilled alchemist who, using an iron whip, fights against the most fearsome demons and other alchemists.


This is not the story of a heroine who seeks to protect people. Xandria, for selfish reasons, goes on a dangerous mission to Dracula's castle.

In Transylvania, the story is told of a legendary alchemist named Vlad Tepes (Dracula), one day he was sentenced to death for having made a pact with a Toziuha, and thus acquiring demonic power. Years later, several alchemists from [The Order] have been found impaled outside Dracula's castle, and it seems that somehow Vlad Tepes has been resurrected in search of revenge.

Find out more about this tragic story of a girl who fights with a whip of iron chains, a cruel reminder of a tragic past.

*This is a game made by a fan of Classic-vania games, just that*.


  • Original symphonic music.
  • Retro pixelart style as a tribute to 32-bit consoles.
  • Test your skills by fighting final bosses and various enemies.
  • Play without internet connection (offline game).
  • Anime and gothic style characters.
  • Discover more of the tragic story of the protagonist available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Compatible with gamepads.
  • Fully customizable touch controls.
  • Available for Windows, Android, Linux + SteamOS.

* * *

Your purchase would help me to continue financing the metroidvania version of Toziuha Night: Order of the Alchemist!

* * * * * *

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If you are a content creator (youtuber, streamer, blogger) but you can't buy the game, ask me for a download key to my email. You must have at least 500 subscribers on youtube/twitch.

If you have made a donation of more than 10$ in itch.io page: Toziuha Night: Order of the Alchemists before March 2022 you can ask me for a download key, send me an e-mail

Donors in kofi also apply, as well as people who have been members of kofi for more than three months.

Steam Version


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this classicvania you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

toziuha-night-draculas-revenge-windows.zip 135 MB
Version 1.1.3
toziuha-night-draculas-revenge-linux32.zip 137 MB
Version 1.1.3
toziuha-night-draculas-revenge-linux64.zip 138 MB
Version 1.1.3

Also available on

Download demo

toziuha-night-dr_demo-win32.zip 129 MB
toziuha-night-dr_demo_android_apk.zip 137 MB
toziuha-night-dr_demo-linux32.zip 131 MB
toziuha-night-dr_demo-linux64.zip 130 MB
promo-images.zip 4 MB

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Hey I bought the bundle hoping for an apk, but all I got were PC versions.

on itchio only demos are available for apk. Send me an email at dannygaray60@gmail.com And I will give you a playstore key to get the game on Android 


Any chance for the APK of the full version?

On playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.danny_garay.toziuha_night_dr

I mean drm free here on itch

TLDR: If you're thinking about buying this, go for it. It is a fantastic solo developed game.

Danny, I gotta say CONGRATULATIONS. I checked this out a year ago on Android, but a bit disappointed. I discovered it here on Itch.io and it AMAZING how much you have improved this game. Shut up, take my money!

Just Spanish / Solo Español : Con respecto a la demo que es la version 1.0.0 ( No tengo idea de si hayan cambiado cosas importantes en versiones posteriores ya que veo que una indica 1.1.0 ), bueno indicare mis apreciaciones al probrar la demo :

1 - Funciona perfectamente en Slackware(64) 14.2

2 - Odio que el tutorial sea obligatorio

3 - Despues del tutorial, ¿ Porque no aparece ninguna sub-arma en todo el escenario ?

4 - ¿ Es necesario que el retroceso del personaje sea el de Ninja Gaiden ó Castlevania 3 americano ? (La version japonesa de Castlevania 3 tiene menos retroceso). a mi particularmente no me molesta ( ya que creci jugando cosas como Ninja Gaiden, Battletoads, Hagane, Alien Solider, etc . . .) pero estoy seguro de que a muchos jugadores más jovenes eso les va a molestar mucho.

5 - El retroceso, el que no puedas reaccionar, y aun asi los enemigos puedan seguir haciendote daño, me sigue pareciendo muy calcado del Castlevania 3 Americano (¿No han pensado en probar en asignarle valores similares a los de "Curse Of Darkness" para la "Sega Master System" ?)

6 - En la demo en toda la partida, solo aparecieron 3 sub-armas en sitios extrañamente especificos, el pollo dentro del castillo al inicio considero que esta mal ubicado, deberia estar mas adelante justo antes del perro de las escaleras o despues.

7 - Bueno hay varias cosas que tienen que ajustar, pero de momento la demo va bastante bien, pero se que la pueden mejorar mucho :D 

Cuando actualizen la demo, espero recibir un correo a para probrar los cambios realizados. para seguir dandole mis apreciaciones a ver si estan de acuerdo conmigo en que deberian cambiar una que otra cosa.


muchas gracias por tus opiniones, la versión demo está desactualizada y varias mejoras han sido implementadas en la versión completa del juego, saludos!


Gracias por la rapida respuesta, ¿Ya esta disponible la version completa?
¿ existe un archivo de texto plano para ver la « Lista de cambios » con respecto a la version demo 1.0.0 de la version completa ?

Desde aquí puedes leer todos los cambios hechos en las actualizaciones del juego completo: Toziuha Night: Dracula's Revenge - Centro de noticias de Steam (steampowered.com)

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With just trying the demo you can discover how fantastic the game is all an exponent of the Metroidvania, Environment Cool and heaven characters The soundtrack is brutal You are a whole Danny genius! Without a doubt it is a game that can be played during a streaming session and at a fully accessible price, amazing game.

Demo Complete Here


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