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Toziuha: [to 'sju xa / toshiuja] (The meaning of this word is secret ;)

Demo is now updated!

Toziuha Night is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer with features of a metroidvania RPG. Travel through different non-linear maps set in a dark fantasy world; such as a gloomy forest, demon-infested dungeons, a ruined village and more.

Play as Xandria, a beautiful and skilled alchemist who, using an iron whip, fights against the most fearsome demons and other alchemists seeking to obtain a millenary power. To accomplish her mission, Xandria will use various chemical elements to perform powerful attacks and spells.

Status: In development (release date: Q4 2024)


  • Original symphonic music.
  • Retro pixelart style as a tribute to 32-bit consoles.
  • Test your skills by fighting final bosses and various enemies.
  • Explore new areas of the map using different skills and improving your stats.
  • Play without internet connection (offline game).
  • Anime and gothic style characters.
  • Discover more of the tragic story of the protagonist available in English and Spanish.
  • This is a metroidvania style game where you don't need to farm.
  • Compatible with gamepads.
  • Fully customizable touch controls.
  • Combine iron with other chemical elements to create alloys with different playable properties.
  • Available for Windows, Android, Linux and MacOS.
  • Free and open source video game made with Godot Engine.

Features planned for the final version:

  • A map with a minimum of 7 hours of gameplay.
  • Any player will be able to design their own map, other players will be able to download it and play.
  • More playable characters with different gameplay mechanics.

* * *

Help me to fund this project with your donation!!!

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If you have problem with macOS version:

Since macOS 10.8, Apple requires applications to be signed before they can be run. However, code signing is a paid process (costing a $99/year subscription, and more if you also want to publish to the Mac App Store).

More info about how bypass it here. I can't do more.


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ToziuhaNightOotADemoWindows64 238 MB
Version 2.0.0
ToziuhaNightOotADemoLinux64 239 MB
Version 2.0.0
ToziuhaNightOotADemoAndroid 247 MB
Version 2.0.0
ToziuhaNightOotADemoMacOS 253 MB
Version 2.0.0

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I've encountered a problem on the android version, just after being thrown down that big hole by the villains the game freezes before you start talking to the character on your left ( I dont know anyone's name sorry.) The music still plays but otherwise it just freezes up every time. Any advice?

thanks for the comment, this problem has been reported and will be fixed in the final version. I have been told that some people just hit the "skip" button to skip the dialogs quickly.


Playing on an Android Google Pixel 7 

Amazingly well-thought out and High-effort for something made by a single developer! Art style is both incredibly well done and fits well with the retro style. The controls may have a bit of a learning curve, especially if you're not using a gamepad, but can be easily re-arranged in the menu. Mechanics-wise the game can be somewhat difficult to learn, as it's not all handed to you immediately, and instead drip-fed to you through lore notes obtained via exploration (though, it does quite feel like the nostalgic difficulty of the older retro titles, which also did similar!) After the initial hurdle of learning the mechanics, the combat and elemental circuit systems feel quite smooth and satisfying to use. (the chemistry nerd in me squealed with joy upon seeing that the sodium element was placed just before the underwater segment.)

I encountered almost no issues in my playthrough of the demo until a cutscene bug consistently froze my game (though sound would still play) after Eva's fight outside of the cavern. I also had encountered the same issue with two previous cutscenes, namely the cutscene when a game is first created and when you are initially dropped into the cavern, these were easily bypassed by simply skipping the affected scenes however. The cutscene after Eva's fight was not skippable, and my game is currently stuck there.

Overall, this looks like a very promising project, and I'll definitely be purchasing the full game once it's ready. 

Game also has an adorable cat complete with cute sound effects. This has not biased my review at all. Nuh-uh. Nope. Nada.

thank you very much for the comment! this problem has already been reported and will be fixed in the final version. I have been told that some people just hit the "skip" button to skip the dialogs quickly. (in the final version will have many cats)


Glad to hear it!

(1 edit) (+1)

I was looking for game to play during my free time and happen to found this and Love the game control, gameplay itself!! ^^ Had fun playing and thank you for making such awesome game! keep it up. if you need help with graphics do let me know. I am a pixel artist.

Very cool. 

Wall jumping from side to side is really fun, I remember that hidden "women's perfume" item, it was a treat to get. 

May I ask you how long did it take to make the whole game and how many people worked on this project? I wanna try to get into this world of game dev but I have only a few hours to spend on game dev and I wanna calculate if its worthy or not. 

I started the project 3 years ago, working full time on my game, I work alone (but the music is made by another people)


Cool and cool and cool. Give your a pat on the back.😉😉😉

thank you so much for your hard work on this. it is exceptional. i love it!


thank you!!! <3

Hello my respect, can I make a video walkthrough of this game? <3


sure <3

tnx :) <3 

Had a really great experience with the demo overall! I love how the game controls and how the combat feels and I especially like how much variety there is with the amount of spells you get. I really dig the art style and the symphonic sound track, takes me back to the old school Castlevania days!

A couple of points to raise that were not big issues as such but I feel could be looked at:

I could only look around the map with the d-pad which felt slow and clunky, would have been much better with the control stick. Until you get used to it, the menu while selecting subweapons and alchemy spells feels a bit confusing (that could just be me). Also in the cave area, I could barely see anything around me so was taking a lot of hits all the time which felt a little unfair.

I wish the devs all the best with the full release because I very much enjoyed the demo and I love the idea of being able to create your own maps in the full game for other people around the world to download and try!

thank you! yeah, i will improve the alchemy tutorial for final release :D. and about cave darkness, well, there is a light spell for that

thanks! I thought it might have been something I was overlooking, thanks for clearing that up

This is absolutely amazing. I want to do something like this one day when I get good enough.
Added first game and this one to wishlist on steam (:

(1 edit)

I spotted the new demo on Steam and I gotta say, I've been pleasantly surprised! The fundamentals feel just right, the art and animations are lovely, and I enjoyed my time. I'll be keeping an eye out for the release to be sure.

Now, you did ask for some feedback, Beyond the good stuff, the text could certainly use a second pass, but you seem well-aware of that issue. With that in mind, the only real problem I had, and it's a minor one, is how the passages where you need the slide work: they're way too dang tall :D

Xandria could just lower her head a bit to get under these things, and I honestly thought I didn't understand the controls for a minute or two before I figured out what you were doing there. They really don't look like you need a special ability to get through them. There are also the bits where you stop the player sliding by putting a floating platform underneath them. I am not a fan of that kind of "gamey" approach that feels like it's exploiting the controls more than being an actual obstacle, but I think it's more a personal problem than any actual design issue.

I think it's telling that this is the biggest issue I had with the demo. If you got the basics so right a year and a half ahead of release, it's a good sign for the finished game to come. Keep up the good work.

Danny, I gotta say CONGRATULATIONS. I checked this out a year ago on Android, but a bit disappointed. I discovered it here on Itch.io and it AMAZING how much you have improved this game. Shut up, take my money!

thank you! On june 19 will have a new demo!

What is the press kit ? 

A file with screenshots, videos, images, all the visual material necessary for reviewers, youutbers, streamers etc


the nanao game has no adult content would it be good if it did?

(1 edit)

I don't know if it is just skill issue with me but I can't play it properly, the button inputs are delayed for too long that it's gotten me stuck on a certain whip upgrade (which I would presume the ability to swing from floating orbs) because the ground above is too high for me to jump.

Edit: seems like the input lag is coming from my device which is a bummer since I wanted to play this


Can you change the Android download to a normal .apk so I can manage updates with Mitch? https://gardenapple.itch.io/mitch


Sure, in the next update (march probably) i will upload the apk directly


sex update when



That was amazing


This was a blast to play through - every part of the control felt right. I hated having to hold down Up to launch the subweapon in SotN, so having its own dedicated buttons was nice. 

It was confusing to figure out which button did what, though - every symbol looked foreign and non-descriptive compared to other games. Once I figured that out, everything was really fun to control. I only had trouble with the swinging things, and the D-pad in general - I was playing on a tablet, too! It was a joy to control the character since dodging didn't make you go faster than normal running, and jumping felt SO perfect. 
    One of the Play Store's taglines were about dying a lot, so it's nice to see the 5 times my character died was because of me not doing good enough, rather than a result of terrible controls. I do have to say though that 1) why is the bonus boss far easier than the story boss and 2) the story boss' dash attack is too tall, I once died even though my character's feet was 2 entire inches above her head. Also, her first phase's fireballs are MUCH MUCH HARDER to dodge due to them ranging between really slow and fast (the second phase was fast - very fast, easier to dodge). But atleast the boss made sounds upon being hit so I wasn't really mad. 

The game's artstyle is superb and it's clear the artist spent a lot of time practicing the Castlevania artstyle - I approve. The character looks just as great as Shanoa, if not better due to her vibrant color choices. Surprisingly, she never blended in the background despite a lot of the game having red hues, too.   
    I was a little disappointed to to find no secret areas you whack with your whip, though.

  Overall, I loved the hour I spent playing the game. I like the idea of no EXP levels too, especially if it's balanced out by buying stuff later when the game has a shop system (so you can only buy a limited number of potions). It still gives a sense of progression without the extremeities that roguelite genre does. Thank you for making this.

4/5 stars though because you didn't thank the player for playing the game. MWAHAHAHAHA

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for playing! <3 Remember that this was only the demo of the 1st version. It is still under development with many, many changes and improvements! You can follow the development of the game on Facebook, twitter and discord (check credits screen on game)


Hello! I'm a little confused as to whether this game is a first part, while Dracula's Revenge is a sequel. If that's the case and this is indeed a full version, then why will it only be released on Steam in 2023, or has it not been finished yet? 

hello! Dracula's Revenge is the first game (chronologically) the sequel is this, order of the alchemists. This sequel is still in development and is planned to be released on November 2023. The game will be released on steam, playstore and itchio of course. :)



Good game for hentai lovers.

The game is a masterpiece!!!

why is that 😏

muito bom, eu adorei o jogo

thank you! the game is still in development!


lo acabo de jugar en android y me encanto! te felicito! me gustaria hacerte unas preguntas sobre desarrollo ya que soy nuevo y estoy aprendiendo a programar en GMS y estoy desarrollando un metroidvania!

Muchas gracias! Recuerda que esto es una demo, y el juego final será mejorado en muchos aspectos! No conozco GMS, solo uso Godot Engine para hacer juegos.

(1 edit) (+2)

Tbh, it looks like the woman is a bit cross-eyed on the title screen.  

What OpenGL the game runs?



At Godot is it possible to change OpenGL from 2 to 3? Several games made with this engine don't run on my old machine, because an OpenGL incompatibility error appears, asking the devs, they say that the minimum requirements are just to have OpenGL2 that my hardware has. Your game is one of the few that runs smoothly.

I wonder if there is a mistake some devs are making when compiling games for OpenGL3 instead of OpenGL2...

Sorry for my bad English

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes, it is possible to switch from OpenGL-2 to OpenGL-3 or vice versa. But it may cause some errors (most of them are always in 3D).

In fact I have uploaded a video talking about the OpenGL version change and what problems it can bring.


Gracias por las informaciónes, por cierto, ¡disfruté tu juego!

soy nuevo aquí, no quieres que te diseñe un botón o menú o algo relacionado con el juego.  así que podría estar en los créditos y crecer un poco alrededor del lugar. En este momento me estoy dedicando a crear assets .

When will the last free beta be? I plan on getting the full thing, I just don't want to play through any of the content 3 times.


Amei o jogo,acabei de joga e min apaixonei pelo jogo e pela protagonista gostei muito e espero q o projeto der tudo certo


thank you very much for your comment! On Monday March 23rd the first part of the game will be released on Steam and Itch.io will be a short classicvania, and the money from the sale will go to continue funding this metroidvania! Follow the game's social networks so you don't miss it!


I really like this game, it's not that easy to play, very challenging, this is a difficulty i like to play.I really recommend everyone playing this game, you have a lot of skeletons, bats and heads. I made a video if someone is interested in playing this game. 


Metroidvania is a gender that will never die... And you made a great job on this one! I loved that it has even the Portuguese language option :3 Keep the good work ^^ 


I downloaded this game, as part of a bigger way of testing the value of Itch.io's Gamepad (Any) input category.

This game does a nice job of supporting Xbox 360 controllers, and it even adjusts its button images around it.

Unfortunately, if you plug in some other kind of controller, the game will still see it, and try to impose a control scheme on it, which is a clumsy process to get around.

I don't have any problem with games having built-in controller support, per se, but with this game, there's no way to disable the built-in controller detection code. I would've preferred the game to not include any controller-recognition functionality, because that would've actually made it MUCH more controller-compatible, given that controller profilers do exist.

thank you for your comment i will take note about it

I had no luck with the game supporting a gamepad on Android the game pad was 8bitdo sn30 pro+ controller

All of my Itch.io tests are done on a PC. This game will take any controller it recognizes, and try to attach its moves (not only) to Xbox controllers, but also any controller, based on generic notations (like POV, Axis, Button 1, Button 2, etc). I don't necessarily mind these impositions per se, but, if I can't disable this automatic recognition, I have a problem with that.
Traditionally, PC games would have separate Keyboard and Joystick modes. If this game had that, you could use the Keyboard mode, and then create a controller profile (with something like JoyToKey) and get total control over your controller layout, down to the last button. This would work for even REALLY weird controllers, like racing wheels and flight sticks.


Dude this game is amazing! it has all the elements of a metroidvania but above all the soundtrack is brutal! I am very anxious for the game to reach its final version, it is incredible. If you like you can watch my gameplay


Played the game and so far I can see the potential. Looking forward for you to keep updating it until it become a full release^^. Tho I think a bit of achievement is a nice touch Idk if it is possible to add achievements tho XD.

thank you! the achiviements will be implemented on the latest phase of development :3

(1 edit)

Ok looking forward for it^^. Also anytime!


Hola danny , ¿podria poner la demo de toziuha en steam? para que yo pueda poner en mi lista de deseados , no quiero olvidar de ese juegazo 

Soludos desde brasil 

hola, la página de steam de la primera parte de toziuha Night saldrá pronto, daré el aviso en discord, Facebook, twitter cuando llegue el momento n.n


"This is a metroidvania style game where you don't need to farm."

This is kinda sad for me, is one of the aspects I loved about modern Castlevania games (and we can tell you got inspired on Order of Ecclesia, which is sadder for me that you can only use Whips?)


sorry but I don't like farm.

And yes, The main weapon is Whip, although I'm thinking could make several whips with different properties


So in a way it is like in Castlevania 2 where it is first introduced the various whips?

yep, that could be the idea


I currently don’t have a pc (and I’m on iOS) so I really hope to see this one on Switch or iOS!

Fenomenal el juego! Si necesitan una mano, los ayudo. Soy también de los juegos de la vieja escuela.

Gracias por tu comentario :3

(1 edit)

Unfortunately, I am unable to contribute any donations, but I hope the project goes through to the end, I tried the game, I found it amazing, I saw enormous potential, and I would be sad if it was wasted,I wish you good luck with your progress, I will be looking forward to the final version.

A hug from Brazil :D

(Translated from Google translator, sorry)

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you, i will take a look at how to use butler!


It seems like the download for Mac is broken, it keeps on saying that the application is damaged

(1 edit)

you extracted the zip file? I uploaded an alternative file



Still broken

(1 edit)

Thank you for trying. I have investigated and apparently it is a security lockout: Since macOS 10.8, Apple requires applications to be signed before they can be run. However, code signing is a paid process (costing a $99/year subscription, and more if you also want to publish to the Mac App Store). So I cant do more, i'm poor dev xD more info about this problem (and how bypass) here: Disable Gatekeeper on macOS Catalina (10.15) (disable-gatekeeper.github.io)


Overall pretty good.

Difficulty curve for the non-boss game is good.

Enemies all do quite a lot of damage. Save points are very frequent. Why not just decrease damage and get rid of some save points? It's more interesting to be forced to press on with some damage, than to just forget about it and respawn many times.

It is very hard to hit a whip-swing point, with a vertical straight-up whip attack.

Green alchemist's hitbox seems to be too big, particularly during her dash attack.

The boss fights feel cramped.

Boss damage is severe and they have a lot of life. This makes them feel more grindy, like normal enemies with a large simply numerical advantage, than bosses. That may be "true to form" for this genre, but it feels like imbalance.

Difficulty spikes drastically for bosses.

Thank you for your comment, this will help me a lot to improve the game :D

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