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Toziuha: [to 'sju xa / toshiuja] (The meaning of this word is secret ;)

Toziuha Night is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer with features of a metroidvania RPG. Travel through different non-linear maps set in a dark fantasy world; such as a gloomy forest, demon-infested dungeons, a ruined village and even Count Dracula's castle.


art by Iken

Play as Xandria, a beautiful and skilled alchemist who, using an iron whip, fights against the most fearsome demons and other alchemists seeking to obtain a millenary power. To accomplish her mission, Xandria will use various chemical elements to perform powerful attacks and spells.


  • Original symphonic music.
  • Retro pixelart style as a tribute to 32-bit consoles.
  • Test your skills by fighting final bosses and various enemies.
  • Explore new areas of the map using different skills and improving your stats.
  • Play without internet connection (offline game).
  • Anime and gothic style characters.
  • Discover more of the tragic story of the protagonist available in English and Spanish.
  • This is a metroidvania style game where you don't need to farm.
  • Compatible with gamepads.
  • Fully customizable touch controls.
  • Combine iron with other chemical elements to create alloys with different playable properties.
  • Available for Windows, Android, Linux and MacOS.
  • Free and open source video game made with Godot Engine.

Features planned for the final version:

  • A map with a minimum of 7 hours of gameplay.
  • Any player will be able to design their own map, other players will be able to download it and play.
  • More playable characters with different gameplay mechanics.
  • A DLC map that tells the story about how Xandria became an alchemist and her battle in Dracula's castle (with classic gameplay like NES games).

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If you have problem with macOS version:

Since macOS 10.8, Apple requires applications to be signed before they can be run. However, code signing is a paid process (costing a $99/year subscription, and more if you also want to publish to the Mac App Store).

More info about how bypass it here. I can't do more.


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Fenomenal el juego! Si necesitan una mano, los ayudo. Soy también de los juegos de la vieja escuela.

Gracias por tu comentario :3

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Unfortunately, I am unable to contribute any donations, but I hope the project goes through to the end, I tried the game, I found it amazing, I saw enormous potential, and I would be sad if it was wasted,I wish you good luck with your progress, I will be looking forward to the final version.

A hug from Brazil :D

(Translated from Google translator, sorry)

Deleted 43 days ago

Thank you, i will take a look at how to use butler!


It seems like the download for Mac is broken, it keeps on saying that the application is damaged

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you extracted the zip file? I uploaded an alternative file



Still broken

(1 edit)

Thank you for trying. I have investigated and apparently it is a security lockout: Since macOS 10.8, Apple requires applications to be signed before they can be run. However, code signing is a paid process (costing a $99/year subscription, and more if you also want to publish to the Mac App Store). So I cant do more, i'm poor dev xD more info about this problem (and how bypass) here: Disable Gatekeeper on macOS Catalina (10.15) (disable-gatekeeper.github.io)


Overall pretty good.

Difficulty curve for the non-boss game is good.

Enemies all do quite a lot of damage. Save points are very frequent. Why not just decrease damage and get rid of some save points? It's more interesting to be forced to press on with some damage, than to just forget about it and respawn many times.

It is very hard to hit a whip-swing point, with a vertical straight-up whip attack.

Green alchemist's hitbox seems to be too big, particularly during her dash attack.

The boss fights feel cramped.

Boss damage is severe and they have a lot of life. This makes them feel more grindy, like normal enemies with a large simply numerical advantage, than bosses. That may be "true to form" for this genre, but it feels like imbalance.

Difficulty spikes drastically for bosses.

Thank you for your comment, this will help me a lot to improve the game :D

Made a video


nice <3 :3 thanks!!

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 i want o private contract whit you where we can talk

HI! You can send me email to : dannygaray60@gmail.com



Deleted 76 days ago

Thank you for your comment and video!!! <3


This is great ! Good job


Me gusto mucho la beta, algo que cambiaría serían los controles para moverse porque para dar latigazos de manera diagonal es medio complicado, lo demás me gusto, 10/10.


great game! I hope to see more from this project but given how difficult I find some of this game, I probably won't finish this demo for a while. 


The game is good, but the filter feels like a way to hide the graphism instead of a real choice of game design.
Everything else goes from just okay to great.

This said, the hidden boss glitched on me, and stopped moving for like 75% of his life points for no reasons.

Thanks for your comment n.n !!!

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Me ha gustado este juego y aplaudo el esfuerzo invertido en él.

Gracias por traernos un buen ejemplar y en español.

Gracias por jugar n.n

I think it's good.

Thank you :3

This is awesome!!!

thank you :3


adorei jogo assim q receber irei ajudar no progeto

thaaank you!!!


Really great metroidvania! It is featured on my Week's Top 5!
Check my video!


Really nice Castlevania-like game, it has a bunch of classic mechanics but also a lot of new stuff like the alchemy for the whip; the story is also really interesting for what I could gather and the pixelart looks really nice in both enemies and background (Tho I am not a big fan of that filter that's over everything).

Thank you for playing  UwU



Danny, this is good stuff, keep up the good work bud

she is like kurapika do you think

I don't know xD I haven't see hunterxhunter

So how did you know the name of the anime?

I searched on google lol (I thought you meant a game)


Haha I was just kidding with you anyway I want to ask you why the game doesn't work on 86 bits only


I want to thank you for this gem of a game. I'm a huge Castlevania fan and this hit that sweet spot. I cannot wait for the full release of this. Keep at it! 

thank you, I appreciate it !


Muito bom


I like the game, god job :)

Thank you :3


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game and the execution is really good.

-The gameplay mechanics are really good and the way they are implemented through the level with it's design is really good to introduce the player into them. I've seen that some small enemies would be better implemented on the game if they had a hitbox a little bit bigger as I've attacked some of them and you can find yourself in a position when you can't attack them correctly.

-The visual style of the game is a "perfect match" with the theme you've chosen for the game and it's core mechanics ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


thank you so much!!!!

you are welcome ^^


I love this game, it's clean and the story line is interesting. It took me a minute to get used to the controls but l still had fun. Good work.


Thank youuuu :3


You're welcome :)



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nice retro


Very promising game. 



I like these types of genre

Small request... Subscribe to my Channel if you like

 See you soon!

Thank you!!!! :D


Your game is getting more amazing and beautiful every new release. I wish success to you and already supported the creation. Looking forward to see new releases ^^

oww thank you :3

I really hope your support! :'D