The meaning of "Toziuha Night"

Well, it is time to reveal the true meaning of Toziuha Night:

In my country, Nicaragua, there is a celebration called "Los Agüizotes". It is a festival where people dress up as demons and characters from Nicaraguan myths. (There are also people who dress up as foreign characters as if it were Halloween, but it is not the same). It is a celebration that happens every last Friday of October.

When I started this project, I wanted to find a way to have an important event occur in the game world every so often that would unleash chaos (like Dracula's resurrection in castlevania). This led me to think about halloween which led me to: "walpurgis night" (as I remembered the Dracula "sequel" novel I read some time ago that mentioned this event). But then I thought about integrating something from my country and that's how I came up with "Los Aguizotes".

Now, for the title of the game I wanted a "unique" name that would make that when searching that name in google the results would always show things related to my game. For this reason I started with "Aguizotes" which can also be written as "Ahuizote", you remove the "e" at the end.... You have "Ahuizot" which when written backwards you have.... "Toziuha". Chan, chan, chaaaaan!

And that's how the idea of "Toziha Night" was born. At the beginning this didn't work out well because when searching for "toziuha night" in google it would return results of "Touhou (moon) Night" xD but with the passing of the years and having published in playstore and steam, finally my game appears just by typing "toziuha" :3

Unlike "Los Aguizotes" which happens on the last Friday of October, in "Toziha Night" it happens on the last day of October. And for this game, apart from using already known enemies (skeletons, zombies, bats, etc. which are assets made by other people). I will also do my best to make my own enemies, based on the myths of my country, you will be able to differentiate these enemies because their names will be in Spanish regardless of the language of the game.

Thanks for reading, that's all for now. This is a special day because of "Los Aguizotes", but also because today is the end of the alpha stage of the game. Stay tuned, I will soon give information about how the development of the game will continue and about a short term goal.

Info about los aguizotes:

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This is really cool.

Also, the name sounds japanese when done like this despite its origins, which I find to be pretty interesting. 


Clever ;)


Grande campeón! Te sigo desde hace casi 2 años con el proyecto!

muchas gracias por tu paciencia y seguimiento!!!


que lindo, he visto que has trabajado mucho alrededor del juego con cosas de tu pais y siento que es increible

gracias :3333